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Hi i, I’m Debi and I began writing here to share my life’s journey of weight loss, of running, of recovering, and then doing it all over again by God’s grace following a near-fatal accident, and I’m doing it “one half marathon at a time”.  Please feel free to check out the My Story and My Faith buttons above for all of the full details. I’ve been featured, mentioned and quoted in newspapers and other sites, and to find out more about this, check out Mentions.

I’m a hometown girl from the Cleveland, Ohio area, and in 2000, I moved to the Sarasota, Florida area when my one and only son graduated high school. Sadly for me, my son and daughter-in-law now live back in Ohio with my beautiful grandson.  I live in Florida now, but matter where I live, my heart will always be in Cleveland. I head back up every May for visit with my family and to participate in the Cleveland Marathon. 

Today I am very blessed to be an active runner here in Florida, a very proud grandmother to one incredibly gifted and awesome grandson, and a church drummer. I use my life experiences to share with you my passion for running, books, technology, music and movies, as well as reviews on various products that come my way.  It would be great if you would connect with me and follow as I travel through life one half marathon at a time!


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