The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Brady Stefani

The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Brady StefaniThe Alienation of Courtney Hoffman Published by Sparkpress on June 7th 2016
Pages: 328
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Fifteen year old Courtney wants to be normal like her friends. But there’s something frighteningly different about her—and it’s not just the mysterious tattoo her conspiracy-obsessed grandfather marked her with when she was a child. “Mental illness is a slippery slope,” her mother warns her. And the last thing Courtney wants to do is end up crazy and dead like her grandfather did.

But what about the tattoo? And the alien scouts who visit Courtney in her bedroom at night claiming to have shared an alliance with her grandfather? And her new friend Agatha’s apocalyptic visions? They have to be connected. Courtney has a mission: untangle her past, discover the truth, and stop the apocalypse before anyone from school finds out she’s missing.


The Alienation Of Courtney Hoffman is an interesting young adult story by Brady Stefani.  It’s the story of Courtney Hoffman’s search to find if she is simply insane or whether there’s actually something to the visions she’s having. She’s a young woman who is 15 and she claims to see aliens at night who share an alliance with her dead grandfather.  

Courtney knows aliens aren’t real and she sure doesn’t want anyone thinking she is insane like her conspiracy-obsessed grandfather. All she wants is to be normal like her friends but she just has to figure things out. Courtney’s new and older friend, Agatha Kirlich, is the only person who seems to believe her and she even seems to push Courtney to seek out and chase the truth.

Very honestly, sci-fi is definitely not my thing. While I will venture out and read some genres that aren’t my normal read, this area is usually where I draw the line.  It’s hard to provide a fair review with my preferences not telling you otherwise.  For anyone into total sci-fi, paranormal, or alien lovers, I’d definitely recommend this book to you. The whole book was kind of bizarre for my liking.

Brady Brady G. Stefani has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, and a graduate degree in law. During law school, he interned with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, where he interacted with patients suffering from severe thought disorders, including numerous patients presenting with subjectively real memories of being visited and abducted by alien beings.

It was through his study of these patients, along with his own struggles with anxiety and cognition, that Stefani became aware of just how deceiving, mysterious, and powerfully resilient the human mind can be. 

In an effort to provide awareness of mental suffering, and spread hope to all those touched by it, Stefani is focused on writing YA novels that explore the experience of being different, and the other-worldly places our boundary-less imaginations can take us. Alienation is his first novel. But with two works currently in progress, the journey has just begun.

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I received a complimentary paperback copy of this book from the publishers and BookSparks as part of the 2016 Young Adult Summer Reading Challenge in exchange for this post, which is my honest review and unbiased opinion.

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