An Impossible Dilemma by Netta Newbound

An Impossible Dilemma by Netta NewboundAn Impossible Dilemma by Netta Newbound
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on November 9th 2014
Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers
Pages: 408
Format: eBook

Local vets Victoria and Jonathan Lyons seem to have everything-a perfect marriage, a beautiful five-year-old daughter, Emily, and a successful business. Until they discover Emily has a rare and fatal illness. Early trials show that a temporary fix would be to transplant a hormone from a living donor. However in the trials; the donors had died within twenty four hours. They have no choice but to accept their daughter is going to die. When Jonathan is suddenly killed in a farming accident, Victoria turns to her sick father-in-law, Frank, for help. A series of events present Victoria and Frank with a situation that, although illegal, could help save Emily. Will they take it?

I won’t lie – the cover of the book, An Impossible Dilemma by Netta Newbound, caught my attention. I think that is why I even looked further into what the book’s story was about. The “description” sounded just like something I’d like to read too, and I was certain I’d love this book.

Spoiler alert here: This book contains some heavy duty topics, folks. A warning for the faint of heart: stay away from this book and pick another book on the shelf.  While I was reading it, my emotions were scattered all over the place. The  book is tense, emotional, and sometimes horrific. This story had more impact on me than I expected, while it raised the interesting concept of nature versus nurture, which is always a very interesting topic. Unfortunately for you, though, is the fact that this is one of those books that I struggle to provide a review on without giving spoilers, so I’ll just give you the basics:

The author brings us this story of a mother, Victoria, whose life is ripped out from under her, piece by piece. Victoria and her husband, Jonathan, live on an English farm where Jonathan grew up and have what seems to be a perfect life – a good marriage, a beautiful five-year old daughter, and a successful business. They have come home to run the farm and carry on a veterinarian practice after Jonathan’s father has a stroke. Right about this time their old daughter, Emily, is diagnosed with an incurable and rare fatal disease. The blocks keep falling in Victoria’s life, starting with Jonathan being killed in a farming accident. What seems to be a normal rural life has twists and shocks and is full of horrible turns. 

Early trials show that a temporary fix to save her daughter’s life would be to transplant a hormone from a living donor. However, in the trials, the donors died within twenty four hours, so clinical trials on the use of this hormone have been halted.  Victoria and her father-in-law Frank, are determined to try this use of a hormone anyway just to try and give her daughter the only chance of life, whether or not it’s legal.

The story line is definitely nail-biting, heartbreaking, and I’d definitely call this book an emotional thriller. Overall, not the kind of book I usually read, but the book was a good read and well written.


Netta Newbound, originally from Manchester, England, now lives in New Zealand with her husband Paul and their boxer dog Alfie. She has three grown-up children and two delicious grandchildren.

Netta is the author of several thriller novels, and you can catch her on her Website HERE.  You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter too!

I was provided with a complimentary digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review and unbiased opinion.

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