The Accident – August 28, 2012

On August 28th of 2012, when I was on my way to work – a 44 mile one way commute.  I was involved in an automobile accident that was reported to the Florida Highway Patrol as a probable fatality.  I was cut out of my car and Bayflighted by helicopter to Blake trauma center.  I spent a couple of weeks at Blake trauma center and then I was transported to a rehabilitation center for another few weeks.

My injuries included an open book pelvic fracture, which is where my pelvis literally blew open like a book.  The surgical team inserted a rod across the front of my pelvis with bolts on each side holding it together along with a larger bolt holding it all together in the back.  I also suffered a fractured tailbone, fractured sacrum, crushed knee cap, fractured knee, fractured nose, fractured eye orbit and a concussion.  There was glass from the windshield embedded in my body everywhere, and my glasses shattered and broke into my face.


From the very first day at the trauma center, I felt the love of God through family, friends, church members and even strangers. While my family flew in from up north and from California and some drove down from other parts of Florida, other people were rallying on social media praying for my recovery – including radio stations, Facebook, Twitter and the like. People came to my house and delivered medical equipment, mounted rails on the walls, brought food and other gifts of love – I was overwhelmed!


Once released from the rehab center, I was wheelchair-bound from September through the end of October all the while experiencing a substantial amount of pain. It was then that I started asking God “why” – why I had survived, why I had to have so much pain, why I couldn’t walk. I realized that I was wallowing in the dark and not giving praise and thanksgiving for all of the things that were positive in my life.I began to pray again and asked God regularly to guide me, to forgive me for my negative thoughts, and to lead me to the next right thing. In turn, my healing was and continues to be an amazing gift.

I have recently spoken to the first responders who cut me out of my car and they told me they thought I would be paralyzed for the rest of my life due to my injuries, but the doctors told me I would probably begin walking in March but by December, I was using a walker; by January, I graduated to a cane and by the end of the month, I was able to walk without any assistance.I was crushed when the doctors told me I’d never run again due to the pelvis injuries I had sustained and the hardware that remains in my body.



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