Austin & Lindsey Adamec’s Self-Titled EP Released March 25

Worship leader, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Austin Adamec and acclaimed vocalist, songwriter and former 1 Girl Nation member Lindsey Adamec released their self-titled debut EP on March 25. The worship songs featured on Austin & Lindsey Adamec are anthems telling the story of personal and spiritual victory, all celebrating the presence of God.

Austin & Lindsey Adamec cover

This couple and their music was new to me. I had never heard of them but I learned later that they are a pair of worship leaders from Jacksonville, Florida.  They are married, love to sing together, and enjoy proclaiming all God is doing in their lives. Lindsey said, “If we’re going to write about His presence, we have to go there. You can’t take people where you haven’t been.”

Do you want to learn more about them?  Here’s the new duo’s introduction video:

Here’s a full track listing of the Austin & Lindsey Adamec EP:

  1. Walk on Waves
  2. It Is Finished
  3. Maker of Miracles
  4. Lost in You
  5. Infinite Grace
  6. Oh Liberty

My favorite? You really want to know? I’d say hands down, it’s Maker of Miracles for so many reasons.  First off, anyone that knows me will tell you this: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE harmonies and duets. That being said, this whole EP is packed FULL of harmonies and obviously, duets so I love it, but this song, Maker of Miracles, is so meaningful! Congrats to Austin and Lindsey Adamec for the whole EP and especially touching my heart with Maker of Miracles.

For more information on Austin and Lindsey Adamec and the new EP, go to their Official Website HERE!! You can also catch them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!


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