Book Blog Tour: Good God by Lucas Miles

Book Blog Tour:  Good God by Lucas MilesGood God by Lucas Miles
Published by Worthy Publishing on March 8th 2016
Genres: Christian Life, Religion, Spiritual Growth
Pages: 224
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Good God introduces the God we all want to believe in but have been too fearful to embrace. With the Bible as his guide, Lucas Miles takes readers on a journey, tipping over some “sacred cows” along the way, to uncover the lost and forgotten nature of the Creator of the Universe and discover a real relationship with him through the person of Jesus Christ: God’s goodness incarnate.

I had seen this book on social media recently and really wanted to learn more about it. Once I learned more, I wanted to share it with you so that you an pick up a copy of this awesome book for yourself. It’s not one of those books that can sometimes be a little “long in the tooth”.  Pastor Lucas Miles does a phenomenal job of sharing God’s goodness and love with his readers from cover to cover in Good God: The One We Want To Believe In But Are Afraid To Embrace.

In Good God, Pastor Miles helps us gain a religion-free understanding of who God really is – his character – staying rooted in scripture showing us God’s goodness and His strength. We learn why the world doesn’t want to learn about the “Christian” notion of God. This book helps lead readers to the answers for so many questions on our minds today like “Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow bad things to happen? Does God cause these things for some greater purpose?”

Each chapter of Good God begins with a real-life story so that readers can connect. It provides us with analogies to help give us a clear picture of how much God loves each of us.  We also learn how statements often believed such as “God needed another angel in heaven” or “Suffering is just a blessing in disguise” are not backed by scripture. 

“Although Scripture clearly displays God’s intentions for us to live an abundant life – the kind and quality of life that God himself has – many of us flounder, trapped in doubt, because we don’t really know him,” writes Miles.  


In Good God, Miles focuses on the issue of people turning away from God because of the blame they place on him for bad things. With the Bible as his guide, Miles tackles tough topics and redefines Christianity by showing readers that God is always good, no matter the circumstance.

“When bad things happen, I now never have to wonder if God is at the root of my pain,” writes Miles. “What’s more, I am able to once again see God as he is – a good, loving, and caring Father who desires only the best for his children.”

Good God helps readers understand how confusion regarding God’s interaction with people under the Old Covenant has prevented people from seeing God’s true nature. We learn the truth of God’s innocence in relation to the fall of man thus establishing that God is not the source of our problems.

This book shines light on all of those questions and concerns while we discover the truth about God we love. the author’s teachings provide clarity in the direction of having a real relationship with God.

miles Lucas Miles is a writer, speaker, life coach, film producer, and pastor. He is the senior pastor of Oasis Granger, a church community he and his wife planted in 2004. He is also the president of the Oasis Network for Churches, a multifaceted church-planting organization, which serves churches in more than ten countries. He is the principal and founder of Miles Media, Inc. He and his wife live in Granger, Indiana.

I was provided with a review copy of this book as a First Look Blogger for Worthy Publishing without cost in exchange for this, my honest review and unbiased opinion.

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