Book Review & Giveaway: The Reason by Lacey Sturm

Book Review & Giveaway: The Reason by Lacey SturmThe Reason by Lacey Sturm
Published by Baker Books on 2014-09-30
Genres: Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs, Religion, Spirituality
Pages: 208
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The day Lacey Sturm planned to kill herself was the day her grandmother forced her to go to church, a place Lacey thought was filled with hypocrites, fakers, and simpletons. The screaming match she had with her grandmother was the reason she went to church. What she found there was the Reason she is alive today.With raw vulnerability, this hard rock princess tells her own story of physical abuse, drug use, suicide attempts, and more–and her ultimate salvation. She asks the hard questions so many young people are asking–Why am I here? Why am I empty? Why should I go on living?–showing readers that beyond the temporary highs and the soul-crushing lows there is a reason they exist and a purpose for their lives. She not only gives readers a peek down the rocky path that led her to become a vocalist in a popular hardcore band, but she shows them that the same God is guiding their steps today.

As part of my association as a Family Christian Store blogger, I was selected to read The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living by Lacey Sturm, and do a book review and product giveaway.

While I was very busy the last couple of weeks and wasn’t sure when I’d even have a chance to read this book, I finally took some time today – football Sunday – and thought I’d start the book today and hopefully finish by the end of the week.  Here is what really happened – this book is powerful! I couldn’t put it down and read the whole book in one sitting.  It’s a great story written by Lacey Sturm, and in it she shares her very open and honest story and testimony of God’s grace.

I could identify with the story to some extent. Back in a time when I was deep into the clutches of an addiction before I came to know Christ, I would sometimes entertain suicidal thoughts. At that time, I always felt like I wasn’t “brave” enough to do it.  In all honesty, now that I have been a sober child of God for over 21 years, I realize that being brave means finding ways to forgive and to choose to love those who hurt you even though they don’t deserve it.

Lacey Sturm points out that “[I]t is brave to trust that the God who gave you life in the first place has a good plan in mind, even when everything around you looks like hell.  It is brave to live.”  Like Lacey and many others who now walk with God, I believe that I have found a deep inner healing from everything I’ve been through in my life.

Through this book, Lacey shows us that we must see people through the eyes of Jesus and look beyond outward appearance, which often hides the desperation, anger, and hurt. Sometimes we can’t relate to everything someone is going through, but we are called by God to show love and compassion toward those in pain.  Lacey walks us through her life, from its early beginning as a newborn not expected to survive to growing up poor, often not knowing where her next meal would come from. She shares a story of physical abuse, drug use, suicide attempts, and her ultimate salvation.

One of my favorite quotes from the book was:  “I strive to rest in the fact that I am made for a purpose.  Knowing my life has purpose gives me confidence.  When I live in the light of that confidence, it can empower you – it can make you confident as well.  It can help you see yourself in truth and live unafraid, and when we live unafraid we live in the light of love.  For true love casts out fear. That’s how we sparkle; that’s the web of light I see stretching from heaven into my life, into yours.”


My prayer is that this book would help those that might have walked or are walking in similar painful backgrounds, and that it will help us all recognize the hurt of others struggling with issues, especially those who do not know Our Father, including those that have suffered abuse of any kind and have no hope.  I also pray that this book impacts those readers who do not have a similar background to Lacey, so that they can have a heart for understanding those who are enduring pain they don’t understand.

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