Bulu Box Brand Ambassador Review of Double Scoop Inserts

Not sure if any of you know it, but I’m a brand ambassador for Bulu Box, which is a monthly subscription of healthy ingredient samples mailed to your home. This post isn’t about the Bulu Box though, it is about a product called Double Scoop sold by Bulu Box.  Double Scoop are bra inserts that “scoops you up to “up” your cup”. I received this product from Bulu Box and Double Scoop as a Bulu Box Brand Ambassador. 


Let’s face it, all of us girls could use a little help with our “girls” every now and again. Most often we aren’t really looking to go under the knife or anything, we are hoping for a little, uh, well, enhancement when we are a little more revealing in evening wear or in our bathing suits. That’s where Double Scoop comes in. The comfortable and natural looking shapewear insert can provide that lift only when I need it.

The product itself is is light and comfortable and provides just enough of an insert to help provide a little more cleavage and a slight enhancement. The Double Scoop original can add up to a cup size more plus it provides a little bit of coverage you need to avoid showing through while giving you a slight lift. Special lingerie tape is included with the Double Scoop bra inserts to make sure they stay in place during your activities.

The Double Scoop bra inserts can work for you in almost any type of clothing you wear, whether it’s a dress, sports bra, swimsuit, bridal gown or even lingerie. We all know what sport bras do to our figures LOL!  I know for my friends and me, we just want to look “normal” in our athletic ensembles (aka running clothes). Double Scoop Original has a patent-pending design that features a gradually padded wedge which provides a natural-looking lift.

Wonder if it works? I thought you might, so I took a before and after to share with you:


You can adjust your Double Scoop insert from underneath to the side allowing you to find the perfect fit for added fullness or enhancement. The Double Scoop original size is recommended for smaller breast sizes AA, A, B and some C cups. The Double Scoop is very lightweight, easy to use and water-friendly, which helps when you are working out and don’t want to have to worry about that being a problem. Every package includes a pair of Scoops and 20 Double Stick Fashion Tape strips. There are lots of different options so you can pick what works for you. With the variety of Fashion Flavors you can mix and match your mood or outfit. Double Scoop is a great way to rejuvenate saggy bras and freshen up a ho-hum wardrobe. Take my word, don’t donate it just yet, first try it on again with Double Scoop.

Get your own at Bulu Box right now by going here and getting the scoop – the Double Scoop – HERE!  You can also catch Double Scoop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube too!

I received this product without cost from Bulu Box in exchange for my honest review and unbiased opinion.

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