Girls Run Fast Jewelry Giveaway!!

I’ll start off giving you the awesome history behind Girls Run Fast.  According to their website, “Our entire sports jewelry collection is based on our original designs created when we ran our first marathon. We needed a gift for our running partners and we weren’t able to find any unique choices for “runner’ jewelry. We looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything unique so we decided to create our own. The inspiration for these figures came from the telephone wire figures a family member used to make when we were children. The original charm has transformed into what are now the #GirlsRunFast collection.”

So now you know.  What you don’t know is how awesome their collections are.  Not only are they making jewelry, apparel and other encouraging items on their site, they are also helping the community build confidence and comradery in athletes! I’m not sure if you remember or not, but back in August I finally posted about my ambassadorship with Girls Run Fast and also told you about their hydration pack giveaway. 

I personally own a really cool ankle bracelet and running charm and chain necklace that have held up to my rigorous wear and tear for quite some time now, so I can be the first one to tell you that their jewelry is very nice quality. The perfect compliment to their necklaces are the new charm earrings. The earrings are made with a handcrafted sterling silver charm and a rubber back so they won’t come off while you’re running.

And hey, just because they are Girls RUN Fast, don’t skip them if you do other things – they have expanded their jewelry to include many other activities like yoga, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, volleyball, equines, tennis soccer, SUP, cycling and triathletes – I think I may have even seen karate. There might even be more by the time I put this post up.

Girls Run Fast have actually given me a pair of 13.1 earrings, along with a running figure charm for a giveaway right here with this post!



If it’s hard to see the charm thanks to my horrible photographic abilities, here’s a pic of the actual charm I “borrowed” from their website:


Also included in the giveaway is one of their awesome 13.1 stickers too! Their stickers are high quality, weather resistant and well, flashy! Not your ordinary marathon or half marathon sticker either because this sticker is also reflective. They have a very cool metallic ink that show great during the day but really pops at night when the light hits it. (Note: these stickers are available in 13.1, 26.2 or “GirlsRunFast” on their website in case you are interested!)



Girls Run Fast also includes a handful or so of temporary tattoos with their purchases.  I will throw some in this giveaway as well! Have fun with them!!


Go ahead, put one on. You worked hard, you trained hard and you accomplished something not many people have. It looks like there’s also a 15% discount code off jewelry running right now – not sure how long this will be good, but give it a shot – at the checkout use “RUN14” and see if you can’t get this discount for a short time!

Do you wear jewelry that expresses your passion for running?

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