Gone For A Run – PR Soles Recovery Sandals Review

When I first learned that I was going to have the opportunity to review these sandals in exchange for my honest review, I was very excited.  I have owned several pairs of recovery sandals since I’ve been running, and without naming names, I haven’t found any that actually feel like they are “treating my feet”.


As most everyone knows, I’m in the process of completing 14 half marathons in 2014. Completing the Womens Running Magazine Half Marathon in Nashville brought my total to ten completed half marathons in the quest. While I’ve worn the PR Soles Recovery Sandals by Gone For A Run a couple of times after short runs, I really wanted to wait until after my next half marathon to get a true idea of their recovery abilities.

IMG_2754 When I originally ordered the sandals, I ordered a size Large. Because I wear a size 9 running shoe and an 8.5 in most other shoes I should have ordered Mediums. I returned them and got a replacement pair a size smaller. Either the sizing is a bit wonky, or they really prefer you measure your foot or something because the Medium was still big on me!!  (I will also say that the return/exchange process went very well, was very quick and I had no problems – that’s always good to know with online ordering.)


“PR Soles are recovery sandals designed for runners.  They claim to aid in improving circulation by stimulating blood flow, alleviate foot, leg and lower back pain, and reduce swelling and tension allowing for your feet and legs to recover faster!?” – Gone For A Run.

PR Soles are a plastic slide with a cushion egg-crate-like lining. They are lightweight, breathable, waterproof and the acupont soles provide ultimate massaging comfort for refreshing and energizing your feet. I’m not going to tell you that these are the most attractive sandals I own, but they do come with a really cute shoe bag. The shoe bag has all these awesome positive affirmations written all over it and is perfect for storing the sandals.

These sandals are slides, which are my favorite kind of sandal. With these sandals, there is plenty enough space for all of my toes to spread out, which is always nice after a long run.  I can’t speak for anyone else but when I cross the finish line, one of the first things on my mind is to get my race shoes and socks OFF so my feet can breathe.

While I tend to suffer those stiff calves and tight quads, the bottom of my feet often hurt after long runs. I am so happy to report that following the race, I stripped off my race shoes and socks and popped these sandals on instead of limping around barefoot! With every step on these “egg-crates” I felt my feet and calves engaged, and I think that this is part of the “recovery” process. The cushion-like feeling of these sandals made me feel like I was walking on clouds.


Because it was an out of town race – Nashville – I really wanted to do some sight seeing, so I took a chance and wore these sandals. I’m thrilled to report that they are definitely RECOVERY sandals and they did what they were supposed to do! I felt so great all day that was able to put on another bunch of miles walking around sight-seeing! These sandals definitely cradled my feet and I am truly convinced they helped in my recovery.  We went to an outdoor craft festival and walked for two or three hours after the race.

Honestly, I love these sandals and I’m very grateful to own them. They really aren’t attractive, but I don’t care because they feel so good.  I didn’t have any lower back pain, no calf or quad pain and the bottom of my feet felt great. I have owned several other pair of recovery sandals that haven’t seemed to do the trick. I actually won a pair of recovery sandals that had a retail price of $49.99. At the time I was thrilled to win them only because they were pink. Unfortuntely, they have such a high arch in them that they actually hurt my feet so I never wear them and now that the PR Soles are in the house, the pink sandals will be doing some traveling of their own – out of this house!
These sandals are be great for traveling too. When I fly, I tend to have some swelling in my left foot as a remnant of my car accident injuries. I usually loosen my shoe and deal with it, but I wore sandals with a pair of socks and it made flying much more comfortable too!
The PR Soles are in a good price point too. I went to a grand opening for a local running store last week and they had a different brand of recovery sandals there selling for ten bucks MORE than these PR Soles, and I had never even heard of the brand!
If you want to get a pair of these sandals for yourself, be sure to check the Gone For A Run website. They come in several colors, so I’m sure you’ll find something to match your preferences!

Have you ever owned recovery sandals? What are your thoughts?

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