Have You Heard of SweetLeaf Products? If Not, You Should!

For any of you who follow me, you know that on August 1st, 2017, I took a step toward changing my life and returning to the healthy lifestyle I lived before my car accident in August of 2012.  I had made several half-hearted attempts once I was up and moving around, but it never seemed to stick.  

Finally, by the grace of God, I was able to buckle down and stick to the plan in front of me and I’m proud to report that I’ve lost 30 pounds, and continue to make healthy choices, both with food and working out.  I’ve done some boot camp work at a local gym and I’ve improved my running pace ever so slowly, as I continue my healthy lifestyle journey.

What was different this time? I’ll be honest with you.  I joined a group of people who had the same struggles with weight and health as I did and we started a small little contest.  My competitive nature prevailed and I won the challenge! YAY!

How’d I do it?  I’ll tell you right here.  First, I did a little research and I learned where I could make subtle changes that would be beneficial to my weight loss journey without affecting my taste buds too much.  (Actually, later I learned that these changes turned out to taste even better than what I was using.)

I’ll start with water.  We all know we should drink lots and lots of water.  Unfortunately, water is not my drink of choice.  I found one of those powders that are added to water but unfortunately, they have “fake sugar” of one kind or another.  I’m not standing on any soap boxes here, but I know for ME, I think Stevia is the better option but I always felt like it tasted too sweet or something……..

Until I found Water Drops by Sweetleaf:

The picture shows a green flavor, Lemon/Lime, but I don’t really see that anywhere.  I bought some off the internet and honestly, I’m not a fan so no loss there.  With the help of this wonderful product, I’ve been able to step up my water intake tremendously.  My usual daily intake is about 100 ounces.  I know that sounds like a lot, but really it’s like 3 of those liter bottles.  A couple of squirts of the Water Drops flavors the water just enough to make it awesome without tasting overpowering.

For the other times in my life that I need a sweetener of one kind or another, whether it’s cooking or for my coffee, Sweetleaf also has that covered with their Stevia Sweetener.  It’s a zero-calorie, zero-carbohydrate Stevia sweetener with award-winning taste too!

I always find Sweetleaf at my local Publix grocery store, but I’m sure you can find it lots of other places.  If you use some of those other brands of powdered drink mixes (or even the liquid ones), I’m betting you right now you will LOVE this product better than any of the kinds you are using now.  I tried to use one of the old ones on a day I had forgotten to bring my Sweetleaf to work, and I ended up pouring the water out because it tasted awful! 

Sweetleaf also carries other products that I haven’t tried yet, but I’m sure as I continue my journey I will incorporate into my life.  If you want to know more about them, you should head over to their website HERE.  You can also connect with Sweetleaf on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest too!!

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