Just in Time by Tracy Morrisey

Just in Time by Tracy MorriseyJust in Time Published by WestBow Press on April 16th 2015
Pages: 129
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As a young child, Tracy experienced things no child should ever have to experience. She could forgive and forget then, but would her life forever be defined by her daddy’s addiction?

As she grew into a young woman, his behavior, his actions, and his harsh words were not so easily forgiven. The memories were imprinted in her memory forever. Her feelings towards him were nothing less than hatred! As she watched him fall deeper and deeper into the arms of the disease, she began losing hope of ever having a normal daddy.

She knew she couldn’t go on this way. She was trying to do it all alone, but that was never God’s plan. Feeling helpless in her struggle, she found herself wondering, Why me…why me, God?

Finally, Tracy gave it all to God. She realized her way was not God’s way, but was it too late? Would she ever have the relationship with her daddy that she always wanted? Was it even possible to love him again after all the hurt and pain?

Only God knew if her miracle would come…Just in Time!

Sometime at the end of April, I received an email offering me a copy of Just in Time by Tracy Morrisey to read and review.  I was also offered a connection with the author, but instead, I accepted the offer to review a copy of the book. Shortly afterward, I received an email providing me with the e-verson of the book. I had put this down on my editorial calendar for June 5, but life got in the way, so today, I’m providing you with my review of the book.  Oh, and I’ll also mention that the author, Tracy Morrisey, reached out to me on Facebook near the end of May, and I’ve never had that happen before.

So…. where do I start? I guess I’ll start with the easy stuff.  The book is one of the shortest books I’ve read in quite some time. First, there are 118 pages of the author’s story of her father’s life (and death), and then at Page 119, there’s a pastor’s sermon through Page 132.  Then it goes back to the story (which I almost missed) at Page 134.  I can honestly say that Pages 136 to 157 were my favorite pages of the whole book.


I usually don’t talk about it, but I’ve been sober from drugs and alcohol since January 29, 1993 through the grace of God and a lot of work combined with twice as much prayer. I’ve been blessed to be free from that obsession and I thank God every day.  So now that you know that about me, I’ll tell you this – sometimes I just don’t understand why God graces some while others live in their addictions until they die from those addictions.  I can almost cry just thinking about this topic.

I have a very dear friend whose mother could never get clean and sober, and this poor child has gone through life without a mother, but has gone on to become a great woman herself despite the lack of guidance provided to her.  In fact, this awesome friend of mine never complains about the fact that she didn’t have a mother and instead, moves forward in life being kind and loving to everyone in her path.

So I’ve shared a little of my story, and I’ve taken the liberty of sharing my friend’s story for this reason: When I read pages 1 through 118, I felt sad for Ms. Morrissey’s father. I know I probably should have felt bad for his family, but being someone touched by God’s grace, it breaks my heart to see (and understand) what her father was going through – living with his demons and not willing to consider another way of life. I know that man – I WAS that man, but I’ve been set free. 

If not for the best pages of this book – Pages 136 through 157, I would not have written a review because I am not not fond of being negative. Pages 136 through 157 redeemed my opinion of the book in its entirety. It didn’t talk about who was right and who was wrong, or who was making good choices and who was making bad choices, but instead, it’s the “meat” of the book.

I received a digital copy of this book without cost in exchange for my honest opinion.

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