Kinetiks Knee Pain Relief Support Brace Review

d867e9e3366b55ee1f63f1506475e06f1611fb00_1 Testing the Kinetiks Knee Pain Relief Support Brace came at the right time for me. I’ve been on a mission of sorts since recovering from the injuries sustained in my near-fatal car accident back in August of 2012.  For those of you not familiar with my history, I sustained a crushed knee cap and a fracture on the side of the same knee.  Other injuries caused me to be unable to walk for several months and I’m still on the road to recovery as far as running goes.

This is the first brace that I’ve tried that has a padded ring that goes around the knee cap to help hold the knee cap in place. I thought it felt a little stiff and wouldn’t be suitable to actually run in. As it turns out, it’s not really meant to run in. This Kinetiks Knee Pain Relief Support Brace is for daily wear to provide relief from knee pain.

This Kinetiks Knee Pain Relief Support Brace is made of strong and stretchable neoprene material that promotes healing and knee pain relief by retaining heat, reducing irritation and speeding up recovery.  This brace provides enhanced flexibility and stability, aligning padded gel ring over knee cap to prevent excessive movement and add comfort for extended wear.


The Kinetiks Knee Pain Relief Support Brace is adjustable and secure fitting with three straps and five Velcro tabs. This “one size fits most” brace is suitable for sizes that measure 12-18 inches at knee circumference.  There are two seven-inch support stays on each side of the knee help retain shape and position to avoid slipping. The light weight flexible and stretchable properties of this high quality design offers extra strength and durability for long term knee pain relief.


If you are looking for a sturdy, easy to use, stretchable, adjustable, what appears to be (so far) durable knee brace, I do encourage you to check out the Kinetiks Knee Pain Relief Support Brace. Don’t plan on running with it, but do plan on feeling relief from your knee pain while wearing it.

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