Let the RockMyRun App Improve Your Pace with Music that Moves You!


If any of you are on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen the new service called “RockMyRun”. They have a website, where you can get everything set up or you can download the app on Android or iPhone. I’m tend to be skeptical of sites that want you to download stuff, but one day in one of my running groups someone asked how people put their playlists together and several of them mentioned “RockMyRun” so I thought I’d give it a shot……but then I didn’t.  It wasn’t until I received an email from RockMyRun sharing the details of their product, and offering me the experience so that I could share it with all of you!

There’s an endless variety of mixes to choose from and it’s easy to find just the right mix for you with search tools allowing you to view options by genre, length, DJ, song, artist – even beats per minute. That’s right, you can choose a mix that maintains a steady beat per minute the entire way through, or choose one that builds from start to finish. There are 17 genres for you to choose from, which range all the way from Pop to House to Christian Rock to Country. If you’re looking to get in the holiday spirit, you can even sift through some seasonal mixes like “Run All Ye Faithful.”


Because these are professionally mixed, that means there are no pauses between songs like some of the bootleg mixes I’ve put together! The beat keeps going so you can keep going. There are a ton of custom mixes, made by great DJs that have already perfected the skill of keeping a steady flow of Beats Per Minute (BPM). You’ll find the BPMs listed for each mix and if you are a “Rockstar” and you’ve added a premium mix to your mixes, you can adjust the BPMs.  What happens when you adjust the BPMs is that you find yourself running just a little faster than you thought you could, and you end up improving your time and achieving a new PR – well, that has been MY experience anyway! I have a couple mixes already and can’t wait to expand my genre choice and select a few more!


The really cool features? Two in my book and they are all about the necessity, or lack of necessity, of WiFi – (1) you can download a mix to your computer that you can put it on your iPod through iTunes in case you aren’t one of those people who carry their phones while they run and therefore have no WiFi; and, (2) You can download the mixes to your phone while you are connected to WiFi so you can run later without needing to stream and use up your data plan (like you do when using Pandora or Songza). It’s pretty nice to not have to buy all the music, you can just download the mixes and some of your favorites are already on there. 


Users need to set up an account before you can use all the features in the app. This requires your name, email, and a password. Users can also use their Facebook ID to login. Once you have registered and logged in, you can set up your own list of music playlists and sort the list by length, genre, and beats per minute. You can also listen to each mix in its entirety  before you decide to download it. They have every genre you could ever want! .  

If you do not subscribe to the premium membership, you can only select mixes that are less than 60 minutes, however, if you step up to the premium membership, you can choose mixes of 60 to 119 minutes or mixes of 120 minutes or more, which is really nice. There are two choices of lyrics: clean or explicit. In the alternative, if there is a certain DJ, song, mix name or artist that you might have in mind, you can also do a search using those preferences.


It was super easy to put the downloaded mixes on both my iTunes and onto my iPhone. I have tested out the mixes on a few training runs so far. It really keeps my momentum going! I’m totally jamming along to the music and not really paying attention to the part of my brain that is usually telling me I need to slow down, or stop, or just go home and be lazy. We all have THAT part of the brain. Right?! Another perk to using RockMyRun’s “Rockstar” version is their added feature called “myBeat”.  If you have an iPhone it is available now, but the Android version is coming so that you can adjust any RockMyRun mix so that the music better matches your pace or effort level, regardless of your workout type.   Very cool!

The people over at RockMyRun have authorized me to do a giveaway promotion where every one of my readers gets 1-free month of RockMyRun’s Premium Rockstar membership and one grand prize winner gets a ONE YEAR membership of RockMyRun!!! How awesome is that!?!?! If you want to download the app and try it out for a month free, be sure to use the code “OPRDZ“.  It’ll set you up for a month compliments of RockMyRun.

Below is the entry for the one year membership giveaway, but in the meantime, for more information on RockMyRun, visit http://www.rockmyrun.com/freeapp or download the app on iTunes or Google play. You could also head over to Facebook and become a fan at www.facebook.com/RockMyRun and follow them on Twitter @RockMyRun.

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