Living Life by Frank Phillips Book Review & Giveaway!

Living Life by Frank Phillips Book Review & Giveaway!Living Life by Frank Phillips
Published by LULU on September 9th 2014
Pages: 32
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Living life to its capacity means letting the living Son of God live through your life. He has definite plans for you and will guide you along every mile of your journey. 

Author Frank Phillips believes that often times our initial experiences with Christian messages can be overwhelming due to the amount of information and complex language. The most successful church leaders are those that turn biblical stories into modern anecdotes the average person can relate to.

Phillips has written his new book, Living Life, to act as an introductory look into tales from the Bible put in a modern setting. The goal is to help wet the appetite of new converts and help inspire them to want to learn more.

Living life to its capacity means letting the living Son of God live through your life. He has definite plans for you and will guide you along every mile of your journey. In Living Life, author Frank Phillips offers a devotional guide to living life as a new Christian.

“The Bible was obviously written long before the modern form of English existed,” Phillips said. “I thought if I turned the lessons and messages into real-life examples that every person can relate to, it would help new Christians better understand God’s messages”

Living Life is broken into short devotional sections with an individual story to help illuminate the meaning behind Jesus’ messages in order to help nurture people’s relationship with God. Phillips combines his love of photography with his experience as a Bible teacher to help create visual stimulation along with the words from above.

Each devotional is supported by scripture and covers a different aspect of faith and living out God’s desire for His children on earth. The verses are designed to strengthen your relationship with Christ through spiritual development and offer helpful insights into applying the principles to your daily life. Weaving in poignant personal thoughts, Phillips offers a down-to-earth message about accepting Jesus Christ into your life.

Living Life encourages you to immerse yourself in the scripture messages, leading you into a strong prayer life, disciplined Bible study, and dependence on our heavenly Father.

About the author: Frank Phillips has held many leadership positions for the past 25 years. He is a Bible teacher and ordained deacon. Phillips was formerly the president of an electrical engineering company and currently resides in Baton Rouge with his wife.

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I received a copy of this book from Bohlsen Group without cost in exchange for my honest review and unbiased opinion.

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