The Lucidity Project by Abbey Campbell Cook

The Lucidity Project by Abbey Campbell CookThe Lucidity Project by Abbey Campbell Cook
Published by She Writes Press on May 31st 2016
Genres: Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Supernatural, Thrillers, Visionary & Metaphysical
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Depression has haunted twenty-five-year-old Max Dorigan her entire life. After years of unsuccessful treatment and a failed suicide attempt, Max agrees to join “The Lucidity Project,” a program at a mysterious health and wellness resort in the Caribbean―where, she soon finds, the people are just as troubled as she is, only in a different way. They claim to have psychic powers. They claim they can see ghosts. They claim Max is one of them.

Max refuses to pay much attention until Dr. Micah McMoneagle, the charismatic head of the project, reveals he’s found a way to allow people to enter each other’s dreams. Now, instead of discussing their issues in talk therapy, Max and her new gifted friends can symbolically work through their problems on the astral plane. Together they embark on a magical, transformational journey through dreamtime to reveal the causes of the things that are holding them back―an adventure that ultimately awakens them to who they really are, and what they came to earth to do.


This book is about Maxine (“Max”) Dorigan, a 25 year old woman who has suffered with depression and migraines for all of her adult life. Max hasn’t found any medications that have worked for her that haven’t either caused severe side effects or having no effect at tackling her issues whatsoever.

After she has exhausted all medical avenues, and after her second suicide attempt, Max is offered the opportunity to go to The Lucidity Project, which is an alternative therapy retreat in the Caribbean. Once she arrives at the small island, Max starts on her journey to recover from her depression.

The storyline of The Lucidity Project then becomes a little weird for my liking. It’s part supernatural and possibly figments of Max’s imagination. I think you really have to have an open mind to read this story.  Some of theories were pretty out of this world and hard to believe/accept and in all honesty, improbable.

This book wasn’t the type of book that I usually read, maybe too far fetched for my liking.  I’m pretty black and white though, so maybe this book falls into the gray area I just don’t grasp. Just because it wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t say it’s not for others though – give it a shot.  Most of the books in this summer reading challenge have been amazing, so maybe you’ll love this one, who knows?

412Ju1QcvaL._UX250_ Abbey Campbell Cook studied creative writing at UC Berkeley. She now writes (and sometimes sings and dances) about her ongoing quest for spiritual and physical wellness on her blog, Adventures in Woo Woo Land, which often includes pictures of Channing Tatum in his underwear (Ryan Gosling too, if you’re lucky).

The Lucidity Project is her first novel. Check out her blog at Adventures in Woo Woo Land too!


I received a complimentary paperback copy of this book from the publishers and BookSparks as part of the 2016 Summer Reading Challenge in exchange for this post, which is my honest review and unbiased opinion.


Keep checking out BookSparks’ Summer Reading Challenge 2016! There are so many more books you’ll want to put into your beach bag!  This summer continues to be the “best summer ever.” #SRC2016 #BestSummerEver #BestSRCEver!

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