Missing, Presumed: A Novel by Susie Steiner

Missing, Presumed: A Novel by Susie SteinerMissing, Presumed: A Novel Published by Random House on June 28th 2016
Pages: 368
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At thirty-nine, Manon Bradshaw is a devoted and respected member of the Cambridgeshire police force, and though she loves her job, what she longs for is a personal life. Single and distant from her family, she wants a husband and children of her own. One night, after yet another disastrous Internet date, she turns on her police radio to help herself fall asleep—and receives an alert that sends her to a puzzling crime scene.

Edith Hind—a beautiful graduate student at Cambridge University and daughter of the surgeon to the Royal Family—has been reported missing for nearly twenty-four hours. Her home offers few clues: a smattering of blood in the kitchen, her keys and phone left behind, the front door ajar but showing no signs of forced entry. Manon instantly knows this case will be big—and that every second is crucial to finding Edith alive.

The investigation starts with Edith’s loved ones: her attentive boyfriend, her reserved best friend, and her patrician parents. As the search widens and press coverage reaches a frenzied pitch, secrets begin to emerge about Edith’s tangled love life and her erratic behavior leading up to her disappearance. With no clear leads, Manon summons every last bit of her skill and intuition to close the case, and what she discovers will have shocking consequences not just for Edith’s family, but for Manon herself.

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Crime novels aren’t usually my thing, but the title/cover of this one got my attention so I was really looking forward to giving the book a shot. The book debuts on June 28, so you can run out and get yourself a copy, which, by the way, I highly recommend you do if crime novels are your genre of choice.

Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner is a story that begins with 24 year old graduate student, Edith Hind gone and there are possible signs of a struggle and traces of blood, which causes the situation to be treated as murder. Each chapter of the story is written from the perspective of one of the main characters, which allows readers to learn more of their lives and their personalities.. The front door is open and she seems to have vanished into thin air.  Edith’s parents and boyfriend are frantic, and the police immediately realize that this is going to be a big deal due to the people involved in the possible crime.

Manon Bradshaw is a very compelling and devoted member of the Cambridgeshire police. Detective Sergeant Bradshaw is obsessed with her job to the detriment of her personal life. She’s also a very fascinating woman who believes in smelling men so she can discern their good and bad points.  She’s one of those women who “puts out” on the first date just to know if a second date is forthcoming.  Manon has ambivalence in most areas of her life and she is definitely far from perfect. While she wants to get involved, she’s not a fan of most people which makes it hard. I think these characteristics make her more human and readers can connect with her as a character.

“Suspenseful and keenly observed, Missing, Presumed is a brilliantly twisting novel of how we seek connection, grant forgiveness, and reveal the truth about who we are.”

While this is a crime novel, it’s also about every form of the word “family” – whether that’s biological, marital or otherwise. More importantly, the story is about bonds, connections and ties between others. The story is tightly plotted and intensely addictive. The story has a slow moving – but very engaging – plot that is very realistic and believable.  Missing, Presumed is recommended for those readers who really enjoy literary mystery reading. I’ll be watching for Susie Steiner’s next book!!


Susie Steiner’s Bio: “I grew up in north London and studied English at York University, which is when I first fell in love with north Yorkshire, in particular the north York Moors national park, which was to be the setting for my first novel, Homecoming. Homecoming was published by Faber & Faber to critical acclaim in 2013.

Following university, I returned to London and worked as researcher to the Labour chief whip in the House of Commons, before joining an in-house journalism training scheme on a local London paper.

I moved on to national papers as a news reporter – first the Evening Standard, then the Daily Telegraph, then The Times, where I moved from news to features. In 2001 I joined The Guardian as a commissioning editor on Weekend magazine. I stayed at the paper for 11 years, writing and editing across print and web. I left the paper in 2012, when my novel sold to Faber.

My second novel, Missing, Presumed, is a bestselling thriller with Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw at its heart. Missing, Presumed is based in Cambridgeshire. I worked closely with Cambridgeshire police during the writing of this and the next Manon book.

I live with my husband and two sons in north London.”

I was provided with a complimentary digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review and unbiased opinion.

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