My Battle: Samsung Galaxy s4 versus iPhone 5S





I know this is unrelated to this blog, but it’s a battle that’s been dictating my life for the last six months or so.  A few years ago when my contract was up with Verizon, I switched from an android to the iPhone 4S.  I told everyone I had “dummied down” and I that I was “drinking the Koolaid”.  And then I upgraded my mp3 player from a Clip to an iPod.  Then I got an iPad mini. And then I was in love.  Everything was so easy – the music poured over onto each device without syncing – I was using the iCloud – life was generally good, and simple, and mindless.  I had inspired my son and his wife to switch to iPhone, my son’s father had switched, even my mother had switched to iPhone and everyone was loving it.  I could have been an Apple brand ambassador!

And then it happened:  All the hoopla came out about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 – the bigger display, better and brighter picture, great apps, faster, on and on and on.  Most importantly, it touted 4G, which my iPhone 4S couldn’t boast…… I couldn’t resist all the perks and when my 2 years was up, I defected from Apple.  I started spitting out the Koolaid, packed up my iPhone, dashed to Verizon and I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S4.

At first, the phone was awesome! There were so many things to do, so much to relearn about android, so many apps and things I could configure to my personal tastes – something Apple doesn’t encourage.  I downloaded every app I could think might make my life easier, and fussed with them until they were just perfect.  As time went on, it turned out that I was just tired – tired of fussing with my phone and the apps, tired of downloading apps that could bridge the gap to my previous iPhone or make the android look like my iPhone, tired of trying to remember how to hold this huge phone so that my little hand could push the buttons.  (Yes, my hands are smaller than the rest of me, okay?)

I didn’t complain out loud because I didn’t want everyone knowing what I mistake I felt I had made for myself….. and then it happened.  My parents came for their annual visit.  It was time for my mom to upgrade from her iPhone 4 to the next phone she wanted.  She decided on a blue iPhone 5C and as soon as we walked out of the Verizon store, she handed it to me so that I could set everything up for her.  Because we had backed up to iTunes before we went to the store, one sync and bam! she was all set.  I played around with the phone “just to make sure everything was okay for her” and inside my head I was missing my iPhone.  ALOT.

Once I could admit it, I went to Verizon to see what could be done.  As it turns out, I wasn’t eligible to do the new Edge plan since I hadn’t had the phone a year but because I had acquired some accessories that I didn’t have to pay for, I went ahead and got the iPhone 5S, and am taking the perfect pictures to list my Samsung Galaxy S4 on eBay.  If all goes well, I’ll be out about $50.

Let me tell you this:  I LOVE, LOVE LOVE my iPhone 5S.  So simple, such an easy transition and lucky me, all my apps, etc. were backed up in iCloud when I left my iPhone 4S back in June! YAY!  Within about 10 minutes everything was all set up and I’m good to go. AND SO HAPPY to be back to Apple.

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