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My Many Sons follows the true story of men’s basketball coach, Don Meyer, who was known as the “winningest coach in the NCAA that nobody knew.” Don Meyer inspired other greats such as Mike Krzyzewski and Pat Summitt in their careers.  In fact, Pat Summit cited Coach Meyer as a major influence on her development as a coach, stating in a 2009 interview that “He taught me how to teach others how to play the game. When I started coaching at Tennessee, I was 22 years olde.  I had four players 21 that were seniors. And I never coached a day in my life. So did Coach Meyer help me? Tremendously.” 

Coach Meyer was a demanding coach whose goal was to not only mold the players’ athletic abilities, but also build their characters. He had 3 major rules:

1. Everybody takes notes.

2. Everybody says “please” and “thank you”.

3. Everybody picks up trash.

Mr. Meyer was also an endearing man, who was driven to overcome his own adversity, including a near-fatal car accident that robbed him of part of his left leg, but revealed the ravages of cancer that put him in a wheelchair.


Because of Coach Meyer’s dedication and work ethic, Lipscomb University was put on the map and moved up to division one basketball.  Besides teaching the students valuable basketball skills, Coach Meyers also provided them with lessons on accountability, respectability and how to clean up after themselves. Coach Meyer was known for taunting his players with verbal slander, although this movie didn’t contain any profanity.

Coach Meyer wasn’t always an easy man to get along with and had to apologize for his own words and actions on occasion.  He was known for finding the “weak link” on a team and removing them quickly. He always promised he would be there for his students even when things got rough and he always kept his promise. Coach Meyer was a faithful man who wasn’t shy about his faith and work ethic.  He has touched the lives of many, and My Many Sons shares his great story of perseverance.

Casey Bond is the producer of My Many Sons and he also stars in the movie.  Bond attended Lipscomb University, where Don Meyer coached for basketball for 24 years. Bond wasn’t at Lipscomb when Coach Meyers was there, but it was where he first heard about Meyer’s achievements. My Many Sons stars Judge Reinhold as Meyer, Amy Kay Raymond as Aberdeen’s Carmen Meyer and Bond as son Jerry Meyer.

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My Many Sons has a runtime of approximately 98 minutes and is not rated. 
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