Nowhere Girl: A Novel by Susan Strecker

Nowhere Girl: A Novel by Susan StreckerNowhere Girl by Susan Strecker
Published by Macmillan on March 1st 2016
Genres: Contemporary Women, Fiction, Suspense, Thrillers
Pages: 304
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“The day Savannah was killed she was fifteen minutes late to meet me.” So begins bookseller favorite Susan Strecker’s second novel of twin sisters and the murder that left one twin behind.

Savannah was the popular bad girl skipping school and moving quickly from one boyfriend to the next, so when she didn’t meet Cady as promised, Cady wasn’t surprised and the truth was Cady was already a bit mad at her. When Cady suddenly becomes short of breath she realizes Savannah is in trouble, but within minutes Savannah is gone.

Years later Cady, now a bestselling author of suspense, spends her time interviewing killers, hoping each interview will help her understand what happened to her sister. Despite Savannah’s death, the bond Savannah and Cady share has never been broken. Savannah still comes to Cady, but the clues her sister sends don’t add up until a chance encounter while researching her latest novel provides a missing piece of the puzzle.

I said it before, I’ll say it again: I don’t always write a review of the books I read. If a book is particularly awful, I will dodge writing about it like the plague. Alternatively, I might write a review that just goes over the facts of the book and steer clear from giving you my opinion about the book itself.

If the book is really good, however, I want to write about it so everyone knows they should be sure to read it.  In the case of today’s book, Nowhere Girl: A Novel by Susan Strecker, I’m writing this review because the book was great and I want to recommend it to all of you. First off, I will say this wasn’t my typical style of book – it was more of a murder mystery “who done it” type of book, but I liked the description listed in NetGalley, so I dove right in.

The story itself is about a set of twins – Savannah and Cadence (“Cady”) Martino who are very connected, as identical twins sometimes are. They share feelings and emotions, as well as pain. Savannah is the more “popular” and outgoing twin, but at 16, she is strangled to death in an abandoned house. The police rule Savannah’s murder a random attack of opportunity but the authorities are unable to locate the murderer and the case remained unsolved.

Cady’s parents move out of town to try and heal from the loss, while Cady tries to find the killer by becoming a novelist of psycho thriller/murder mystery books. She has a story of her own to tell about how she tried to heal from the loss of Savannah, but the fact remains that it still is a large part of her life. Cady has never come to terms with her grief for Savannah, and feels Savannah is trying to speak to her about her killer. Maybe she is leading her.

Cady then runs into her high school crush, Brady Irons, who has become a guard at a prison where she was doing an interview of a serial killer. She begins to search herself and her feelings toward this old crush and her own marriage that is falling apart. Cady has no idea that the answer to her search for the killer is right in front of her eyes, if only she can see it.

She receives an unexpected call from one of the officers that handled Savannah’s case, Patrick Tunney, who has now become a detective. Patrick tells Cady that the case of her sister’s death has now been reopened as a result of some changes in police personnel. The new evidence suddenly reveals that Savannah’s death wasn’t a random attack after all, and it becomes clear that whoever killed Savannah had loved her.

Cady and Savannah had matching necklaces they had never removed from birth (except to lengthen the chains as they got older). When Savannah was found at the scene, her necklace was missing so it’s obvious that the killer had it.

I enjoyed the story and it kept me guessing who it might be. Just when you think you know the identity of the killer, the author makes readers suspicious of someone else. I don’t write spoilers so it’s really hard to say much more about the book, but Nowhere Girl’s ending is one you do NOT not see coming! Nowhere Girl: A Novel by Susan Strecker is a great book, and I’m going to be looking forward to reading her her next book as well!

I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review and unbiased opinion.  Thanks NetGalley!

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