Bocca Lupo Howl at the Moon 5K Trail Run – October 19, 2013

Not too long after I started working with my office, they learned that I used to be an officer with the local running club.  That simply translated to me taking over as their first ever “event director”.  Because several of the directors of the company – as well as some of the staff – are runners, they decided they would sponsor several local races, we could all get shirts with the firm name on them, and participate in these events thereby serving two purposes:  (1) employees could run and stay healthy and (2) we could advertise for the firm!  Either way, it works out just fine for me.  The usual protocol is that I check with the directors about whether or not they want to sponsor a race.  If so, I take care of that.  If not, I circulate the flyer to interested in employees so they can fill them out and return them to me.  Then I get us all registered as a group and I usually rely on someone kind enough to come along to be our “photographer” so that we have photos to be uploaded to our office intranet.

The first race we participated as a team was the “Bocca Lupo Howl at the Moon 5K”.  The event was a trail run that consisted of paths of uneven ground.  The only reason that matters for the sake of this blog is the fact that I’m still struggling with walking on uneven surfaces due to the injuries I sustained in my car accident.  Even going down the driveway to get the mail is sometimes uneven enough for me to feel it in my hip area.

I had fun seeing all the friends from my past including the old running club officers and all my old runner friends.  It was also great to be with my new fellow employees – to get to know them a little better.  As I said earlier, this was a costume race so employees knew they could dress up instead of having to wear their company tech shirt.  Since I work in the satellite office and most of the other employees on our team were from the main office, I wasn’t sure what the costumes of my co-workers would be.  I did know they were dressing up I felt it would be very appropriate to wear a custom made PINK Wonder Woman Costume I had already received to wear for my upcoming first half marathon since the accident.

I was very surprised to see that while they did dress up, they wore tutu’s and wigs and the like but still wore their employee tech shirt.  That translated to the fact that I was the only one NOT wearing my firm shirt – some “event director” I was! It was actually funny and no one seemed to mind.

My friend’s daughter has exploded onto the cross country running scene and I’m sure she’s on her way to breaking a lot of current local running records.  After finishing her race and standing around for a while, she actually came back onto the course a little behind the 3 mile marker and “coached” me to the finish line!

A few of my friends and my fellow employees placed in their age categories and overall, it was a very fun race. 

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