OOFOS Recovery Footwear – Like Walking On Clouds!

Oh my, the first thing I want to tell you all is that these sandals feel so amazing on my sore ole feet!! Most of you know that I spent most of the summer and fall suffering a bad case of plantar fasciitis and fallen arch on my right foot. I quietly ignored the throbbing agony for months until finally I couldn’t wake up and walk across the room without tears gathering in my eyes, causing me to pick up the phone and dialing the local podiatrist and later dragging my butt there for a visit. No surprise – I was told not to plan on running for a few weeks, which somehow turned to a few months. As my pain started to fade, and as the  continued to elapse since my last run, my scale showed another thing: I had gained weight and needed to get busy doing what I know I need to do – RUN! 

Just last week I returned to running – it being my official first week of training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Challenge Series, which, for me means an 8K on Saturday, May 14, followed by the half marathon on Sunday, May 15.

While my running is starting out with very small mileage both due to the lack of running for so long and because I’m starting out at such a heavy weight and the result is that my feet are already letting me know that they need some TLC. I remembered that before that mean podiatrist banned me from running, I had received a very nice pair of OOFOS recovery sandals that I never had an opportunity to wear, so today I opened the package, slipped them on, and just KNEW that today was the day I needed to share about them!


My usual method of “recovery” for my feet after long runs in the past (and short runs right now), is to put on my very old and ugly white slides that I actually bought at a golf store for wearing to golf outings instead of trying to drive there with my golf shoes on! No, they are not all soft and comfy? No.  Are they really cool looking? No, not at all – in fact, they are old, cracked, now off-white colored, and truth be told, a couple sizes too big since I bought them on sale.

When I pulled out these OOFOS today and slipped them on, I immediately asked myself why I waited until I was back to running to even wear these sandals?!?!?! I mean really, they are so comfortable, fit well and are pretty slick looking to boot! I felt like I was walking on shoes with five pairs of my serious arch support insoles in them – kind of “cloud” like! The style I received is the OOAHH Sport – Women’s, and gosh they are amazing! 


If you head over to OOFOS Website, you’ll see they have lots of different styles for both men and women, and some are available in different colors. I’ll admit that I might have seen OOFOS at my local running store, but since I don’t like the kind of sandals that go in between your big toe and the next one – the “flip flop” style – and can only wear slides. Lucky for me, OOFOS makes the perfect slide sandal for me. They are very true to size too. I wear an 8-8.5, and usually a 9 in a running shoe. I received size 9 OOFOS and they were perfect. I love how the shoe is tapered in the toe – it helps take away from that awkward look some slides have making them look like you stole them from your dad!


OOFOS products were created and engineered for true recovery and recharge. The arch support is made for all foot types and the sandals provide lasting function and comfort. OOFOS sandals are lightweight and flexible and surprisingly, they are machine washable in cold water.  OOFOS sandals are engineered as a recovery shoe that absorbs more shock than traditional foam shoes. They also reduce stress on your sore feet, knees and lower back. OOFOS even has a patented footbed that supports the arch and allows for natural motion. It is like walking on a Tempur-Pedic mattress.  

Thank you so much OOFOS for providing me with this awesome pair of recovery sandals!I suspect these sandals are very durable and I expect them to last for many running years to come!  I’ll think of you every time I slip them on in the future!

You can connect with OOFOS on Facebook and Twitter!  You can check out their Official Website HERE

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