Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker & App

Are any of you like me about fitness trackers? I bought one (no names here) and was all serious about counting steps and using the app to engage with others. I planned to enter my weight, food and water intake, blah, blah, blah. I can’t remember how long it was before I forgot all about that fitness tracker in the cabinet – maybe a few weeks or a month or a few months…..I would sporadically wear it, and then not wear it, until after about six months I ended up selling it on eBay at half of what I paid.


So, when I heard about this Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker arrangement for only $12, I wanted to know more. Now that I know that “more”, I will share it with you:

Pivotal Living’s thinking is that cheap yearly payments of $12 per year will keep you thinking about its service and your fitness. The company provides the device is free, but in order to use its accompanying app, you’ll have to pay the 12 per year. Pivotal Living’s subscription model is a first as far as I know in this overly crowded “health-tech” market.

The Pivotal Living fitness tracker’s first model was launched late last year, but in May they unveiled a “new and improved” band and app that includes new features like a stop watch right in the band. Other components that you can track with their fitness tracker are: Calories burned, daily active time, distance, hydration, percentage met of daily goals, sleep length, sleep quality, total steps and weight. The Pivotal Living band also includes optional activity reminders and wake-up alarms by way of gentle wrist vibrations. See? It’s just like those high priced trackers.  


The design: The Pivotal Living fitness tracker band features a unisex design for wrist sizes 6 to 7-3/4 inches in circumference. It is water resistant, sweat proof and rain proof, but they don’t recommend you go floating the band in your fish tank or anything. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Next to the display is a button that you press to scroll through time, steps, distance, calories and your daily goal percentage. Underneath the display is where you attach the battery charger, which you then plug into a USB port to juice up the band. I’ve read about some complaints on the display of this device being hard to see outside, although I didn’t take it out to confirm or deny this situation.

As far as step accuracy, I didn’t actually walk around counting my steps to see if the Pivotal Living fitness tracker was accurate or not, but I did dash over to cnet where I read their review (that they actually get paid for), and their review indicated that the step count was accurate. They had complaints though about how the distance is calculated and it may be less accurate than some other trackers. To compensate, a more motivated user might want to simply use a treadmill or track to find their own steps/mile and figure for determining distance. Also, cnet often has products way faster than you and I, so maybe this algorithm situation has been improved by now.

While you have to download the Pivotal Living app on your smartphone because it doesn’t appear there’s a PC site, the Pivotal Living app gives you “motivation pushes” on your smartphone. I mean, who can’t use a little more help getting motivated? My phone’s Pivotal Living app is constantly reminding me to record my hydration – not that I’m actually drinking anything to record, but still, it’s encouraging me to do so. The app provides a variety of proactive and informative tips and tricks, and inspirational quotes, as well as reminders to track weight and hydration.


The Pivotal Living “in-app” experience has also been upgraded. The dashboard now keeps your daily progress front and center with a percentage-of-daily-goal tracker front and center clearly displaying a member’s progress toward individual goals including their most recent sleep, hydration, active time, daily steps, weight and caloric burn. The Pivotal Living app is also “socially connected” – you can find friends, family members or start a team to get fit and meet goals. You can cheer one another on or build some competition to get things going!


A cool feature is that the band has improved internal software capabilities so it allows the band to be remotely upgraded to feature the “latest and greatest”. Also, the Pivotal Living app is available and works with iOS8 and above, and most Android 4.3+ phones.

For twelve bucks a year, there’s really nothing to lose for giving this Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker a shot! You can find them on their website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest! Be sure to check them out!

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