Purely Inspired 100% Plant-Based Protein Chocolate Banana Nut Shake

Most often I find that the best meal of the day is my breakfast! I usually throw together a protein shake or smoothie using Purely Inspired 100% Plant Based Protein but I always try to mix up the flavors so it never gets old.  Today I woke up in the mood for chocolate in a bad kind of way.  Most of you know that I’m trying to stay on track with my eating choices and training, and hopefully I might be able to lose a few pounds which, to a runner translates to shaving some time off my running speed. 

So, when I wanted chocolate soooooo bad, I knew today was the day for a chocolate shake for breakfast to satisfy my urges and avoid a cheat/slip on my part.  I started off with some crushed ice.  Because I buy fruit when it’s on sale, then cut it up and put various serving sizes into sandwich bags and then put all of them in a freezer bag.  It saves money and it saves the hassle of cutting or peeling fruit in the morning.  Today I decided I wanted banana, so I pulled out a full banana, already frozen and sliced, and popped it into the mixing cup. I added the appropriate measurement of chocolate flavored Purely Inspired 100 Plant Based Protein, and then topped it off with some sugarfree vanilla almond cashew milk.  I threw that on the blender while I prepared my lunch to take to work to keep me on track there too.  When I returned to the blender, I saw my deliciously mixed and very chocolate-flavored frothy shake that I just couldn’t wait to drink. protein

Each serving of Purely Inspired 100% Plant-Based Protein provides:

16g of plant-based protein, at least 6g of fiber, and no more than 2.5g of fat
More antioxidant vitamin C than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables1
Concentrated greens blend with broccoli and spinach
19 vitamins and minerals
Omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed
Digestive enzymes
Contains zero lactose, aspartame, or cholesterol, and is low in fat

Purely Inspired 100% Plant Based Protein Chocolate Banana Nut Shake!

A quick and easy way to get your chocolate “fix”

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  1. Handful of Crushed Ice
  2. 1 Peeled Banana
  3. Chocolate flavored Purely Inspired 100% Plant Based Protein
  4. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Cashew Milk
  1. Handful of crushed ice to blender cup
  2. Add 1 sliced (and peeled) banana
  3. Add 1 serving protein mix
  4. Add 8 oz. unsweetened vanilla almond cashew milk
  5. Put in blender
  6. Serve
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Can you say YUMMMMMMMMMY? It was fast, easy, and fantastic flavored. I’d call that a great recipe, wouldn’t you? Lucky for me (and you), Purely Inspired protein mix comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, so I will continue to try various recipes I create and/or find on the internet and if they taste halfway decent, I will share them with you!


Be sure to check out Purely Inspired’s website to find out where you can pick some protein mix up for yourself======>by clicking HERE!! Or, if you are like me, your local Sam’s Club carries it, so you can head over there too!


I truly appreciate that Purely Inspired provided me with complimentary product in exchange for this, my personal and honest opinion and unbiased review.

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