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While serving as an official Race Ambassador for the 2015 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, I met most of the other ambassadors chosen to serve. I was able to learn a bit more about some of them and how amazing they are, so I thought I’d share a page so you could check them out too!

While serving as an official Race Ambassador for the 2016 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, I’m going to see the other ambassadors chosen from last year’s group, plus a couple more people that I’m sure will be just as great!


The 2016 Race Ambassadors are listed alphabetically below with links to their blogs (and their Twitter usernames or Facebook links):

Emily Baumgartner – Emily Runs @emilyebaum
Melissa Bixler – The Bix Blog @mbix66
Melissa Carney – I Crashed The Web @koskim
Christine Cassar – I’d Rather Be Sweating @ratherbsweating
Joe Fell – Cleveland Joe @ClevelandJoe
Rachel Frutkin – Running on Happy @running_onhappy
Jill Grunenwald – The Year of the Phoenix @Jill_Grun

Andrew Deuce Hettinger – Andrew Runs A Lot @andrewrunsalot
Stephanie Itibrout – Run away from Trouble @itibrout

Jamie Johnston – Jamie Johnston’s Journey; Facebook 
Stephanie Lesco – Steph Plus 4 @stephplusfour

Jessica McCartney – The Tambura Runner @thetamburarunner
Pamela McGowan – Run Today Tri Tomorrow @pam_mcgowan



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