So Easy Your Dog Could Do It – Doggie iD Review and Giveaway

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my dog, Petey. Petey is a Jack Russell that I picked up at a pet store that shut down two weeks after I got Petey on “Superbowl Sunday Clearance”.  They found a half dozen pups in a working freezer who had passed from parvo, and other horrible conditions. I like to say that even though I got Petey at a puppy shop, he is a rescue dog anyway.  He was four months old when I adopted him, and I had already seen him there a couple weeks earlier for a hundred dollars more, but each time I held him, he gazed into my eyes like I was his entire world. (Later on, it became my belief that they had him medicated to stay calm since he was a Jack Russell pup and all.

petey baby


It has been over 11 years since I brought that cute little puppy home, and I have to say that my love for Petey hasn’t diminished one bit. I’ve been informed by trainers that he was poorly bred – probably even a puppy mill dog. I’ve also been told he has the attention span of a gnat and is one of those untrainable dogs. He humps any dog he can when they aren’t looking., including larger breeds like Pit Bulls at the beach, and that generally puts me in a bad situation! Petey still gazes at me like I am his entire world and even cuddles with me in bed, but he has one bad habit that makes me crazy!

petey big

His bad habit? If there’s an open door allowing him to flee into the neighborhood, he is gone. No food, love, begging, calling, or yelling will entice him to come back. The only way to get Petey back home is to get in the car and chase after him. He will slow down to allow you to catch up, but he will never stop. I’ve heard that Jack Russells are second to Greyhounds for running speed, and at 11 years old, Petey will still give any Greyhound a run for its money!  

A couple of times, Petey has even gotten over to the next street before I could find him. On one occasion we were gone and somehow the little rascal dug out of the privacy fence in the backyard and got loose. If our neighbor hadn’t recognized him, I’m not sure we would have ever seen Petey again.  Petey wears his collar at all times for exactly this reason. The metal tags from the county and the rabies tag clank together and really don’t provide much instant identification.


When I saw the Doggie iD available for review, I signed right up. Look out Petey, here comes your own personal identification tag! When I was approved for the review, I was directed over to Doggie iD’s website, where I was able to create Petey’s perfect tag. It was very easy – so easy Petey could probably do it himself. The Doggie iD website is very easy to use, and the product came out perfectly and I was already snapping pictures before I could get it on Petey’s collar!  (Note to readers: I’ve used the “paint” feature to remove my personal address and phone number from the tag for the purpose of this blog.) While I chose the Florida tag for Petey (because we live in Florida), all the other states are available on the website too. I  guess if you are a snowbird (live half the year in one state and half the year in another state), you could always order two tags and switch them out.


I was really happy to learn that Doggie iD started off as a small group of pet enthusiasts who learned that nearly four million dogs are lost each year in the USA. A majority of those dogs don’t have any type of identification. A simple iD would solve that problem, but who wants simple when you can have fun, unique, and awesome. Doggie iD offers a Lifetime Guarantee on your Doggie iD and a lifetime of virtual hugs. Doggie iD is smaller than an actual driver’s license, measuring 1.75 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall. They really want you to be happy when you join their community, so they include a carabiner in every order instead of an old fashioned key ring that makes you want to scream!

Do you love your pup as much as I love Petey? Do you want to get him or her an awesome hip and cool Doggie iD tag of their own? The company has authorized me to run a giveaway for a tag, so be sure to enter below. If you can’t wait and want to pick up one for yourself, be sure to head over to their website =======> HERE

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I received the product mentioned above for free using Tomoson. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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