Sponsored Athlete (Ambassador) for Team Emergen-C

In early November, I was notified that  I would be officially appointed as an Active Ambassador to Team Emergen-C.  I had forgotten that sometime earlier I had applied to be an ambassador so it was very exciting when I got the news!

Basically what this means is that I will be a Brand Ambassador helping the community learn about the product, Emergen-C.  I am provided with samples of the product along with branded attire.  In exchange, I commit to handing out the samples, mingling with the community, participating in a minimum of 3-5 events with other athletes and sharing the benefits of the various products Emergen-C offers.

Seems like a “win/win” situation to me.  So following a required Webinar in early November to learn about my duties as a Brand Ambassador, I was advised that I would be receiving my samples, tech shirt, backpack and visor within the next couple of weeks via FedEx.

Today was that day! I will hold this non-paying  position for this race season, which in Florida, ends at the end of April, 2014.

I’m ready to represent as part of Team Emergen-C – just in time for the “COLD” season! Who needs the equivalent of 10 oranges’ worth of Vitamin C (1,000mg) in one 4-6 oz. drink???

If anyone wants to know more about the product, they can feel free to see me at any event or even around town with my Emergen-C backpack full of samples and I’ll hook you up!!

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