Sport Suds Giveaway Winner and Pet Peeves

I read somewhere that people have a pet peeve when winners of drawings and raffles aren’t announced after the raffle has concluded.   I have hosted several giveaways and I have never announced the winner on my blog. It never occurred to me that others would want to know.  I simply send the winner an email letting them know that they won!  Therefore, in the spirit of calming someone’s pet peeve, I’m letting everyone know the winner of the recent Sport Suds giveaway I recently hosted is:



YAY for Brittany!!! Since I’m on vacation visiting my parents in San Diego right now, I won’t be sending her the “prize” until  get back to Florida at the end of the end of next week, but it WILL be coming, Brittany!!!

Okay, now that I tried to help one person’s pet peeve, I will share one of my pet peeves with all of you.  Maybe my issue is actually a phobia, I’m not sure, but you can decide. This picture should give you a hint:



……It’s hair flipping! Even if I know you, I have issue with people who flick their hair next to me, in front of me, to the side of me, in my car….. wherever! I don’t want your dead hair (and possibly dead skin) landing anywhere near me and I don’t want to have to pick or sweep it up later.  It completely grosses me out.

If I’m sitting in the movie theater eating my buttered popcorn and you are sitting in front of me, when you flick your hair, can you even tell me exactly what falls into my popcorn? Is it your hair, or is it your  hair product or your dead skin?

So there.  You know my pet peeve, my phobia, my “issue”.

I just flew on a direct flight from Orlando, Florida to San Diego, California and it was a pretty long flight.  Guess who sat in the middle seat? Yep! A HAIR FLICKER!!!  I was trying to ignore it, had my headphones on, reading a book, but it took every ounce of self-control not to tell her to quit flicking her hair. To make matters even worse, she had shoulder length curly hair.  In my crazy mind, I imagine even more hair (and “stuff”) falls over my way with the shorter hair!



As soon as I got off the plane, I brushed off my clothes hoping to brush off any cooties I might have caught from this woman! I don’t know if has lice! I don’t know other people’s grooming habits, I don’t know what diseases are out there for me to catch, but I know I can’t afford to get sick just because someone next to me keeps flicking their hair!

There is my rambling for today – my pet peeve (or possibly phobia).  I’m sure everyone else has a pet peeve or two – I’d love to hear it!


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