The GYMBOSS story continued…

As I mentioned in my post about the Space Coast Half Marathon, I noticed a lot of beeping noises going on at the Space Coast Half Marathon. I know there were Galloway Pacers and all, but in between the people with the signs, I would see individual runners run past me, I would hear a beep, and then I would see them walk. At the time I didn’t give it much thought, but then when I got home, I realized they must have been using their GYMBOSS. I had one tucked away in the closet so I decided it needed to be dusted off and used again since I’m getting back to it again.When I went to my hometown a few years ago, I participated in a local 5k with an old high school classmate, Kathy. She had the GYMBOSS and we used it to complete the event through the local zoo, since neither of us had adequately prepared to run at the time. Once we finished the event, I realized that we had a much better finish time than I had even guessed we would have given the steep hills and crowded paths we had to follow so I talked to her a bit about the little “thing” she had clipped on her shirt. She told me that we were doing the run/walk thing by using the GYMBOSS. I believe she had set it the intervals at a 3 minute run/1 minute walk ratio and we did great! 

I am a huge fan of Jeff Galloway’s method for beginning runners (see  I made a lot more progress with my running when I actually incorporated this run/walk/run technique as opposed to my own method of “run until you get tired and then walk for a while until you realize you’ve been walking for who knows how long so perhaps it is time to run again.” 

I read somewhere that Jeff Galloway himself actually uses the GYMBOSS timer, which makes sense because I see they make one with his name on it now. I realize that the Galloway Pacers at the Space Coast Half Marathon were even wearing this same shade of green, which now, after the fact, completely makes sense!!

I won’t lie – when I first got mine, I couldn’t figure out how to work it to save my life, and then I broke down and read the instructions that came with it.  After that, it took about 15 minutes before I had the GYMBOSS all figured out. It can be used as a repeating interval timer, countdown timer, or a stopwatch. There are two separate timers on the GYMBOSS. Each one can be set to a different time period ranging from 2 seconds to 99 minutes.  Each timer will signal you to begin moving to your other phase of the workout. You set it for the number of times you want it to repeat these intervals, hit start and get started! I really like the fact that it can vibrate, beep, or both. To me, that means taking it to the gym (hence the name) is possible because it allows you to complete your workout without disrupting the person next to you.

When you see that you only have a few seconds left in an interval, you can “amp it up” and push to the finish. I know for me, I’ve pushed harder than I even expected I’d be able by using the GYMBOSS just to make it through an interval. Without the timer I would stop because I would feel like I had done enough. It’s amazing what kind of success I personally have had by pushing myself just for a few extra SECONDS! I’ve heard of people who hook the GYMBOSS right onto the band for their heart rate monitor watch so they can see how much time is left in an interval while also seeing their heart rate.

Even if you are completing speed work or just doing sprints with slower running, this GYMBOSS will keep you on track. One timer goes off after you’ve done one set and then the other for your rest/recovery. Since the interval times can be set for any amount of time, basically you can cater it to your needs.

While there are tons of fancy-schmancy complicated watches out there (and yes, I have one of those), when you have just made the commitment to get started, a GPS watch is a HUGE expense and it’s complicated to learn to use. Not everyone can (or wants to) spend $300 or more on a GPS watch, and I love that the GYMBOSS is affordable for everyone at $19.95. Runners NEVER find anything useful for twenty bucks, that’s for sure!

If anyone remembers pagers, the GYMBOSS is about the same size. If you are too young for that, just know it’s nearly the same size as a Garmin 305. It has a clip on the back (with cheat setup instructions right on it) so you can hook it on your shirt, shorts, race belt, hat bill or wherever else you can find to clip it to yourself.  It’s not heavy so it doesn’t weigh you down much.  Granted, if you’re already running with several gadgets, it does add one more thing.  It’s all a matter of figuring how what items are the most important to you.

I looked around on their website today and saw that it is loaded with detailed instructions, troubleshooting, accessories and even workout ideas.  They also have a Facebook page where they have good workout ideas or tips posted. I love all the colors – YES THEY HAVE PINK – and at $19.95 each, they make great gifts. They do have a stepped up version now which only costs $27.95 – looks like that one – the “mini MAX” that has 3+more than 2 interval settings and apparently you can save programs on it. I’ve not seen or used one, so I really can’t share anything about it other than what I see on their website. If you want to see more, I have a link to their website to the right on my sidebar!

When I decided to dust off my old GYMBOSS and use it, the first thing I did was change the AAA battery that had been left in it for who knows how long.  It did turn right on and could have been ready to go, except for the fact that GYMBOSS actually sent me a newer model!! 

The new GYMBOSS is purple, has a few more features, has an even bigger and cleaner display, and it does have PINK trim.  I’m very happy and I can’t wait to use it!!

Look how much clearer the numbers are and how much bigger the display is WITHOUT making the unit itself any bigger! WAY TO GO GYMBOSS!!

In addition to the new GYMBOSS, they were also kind enough to send me a really COOL PINK t-shirt! 

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