Tuesday’s Training Report with 4id Gear!

It’s been way too long since I provided anyone with a Tuesday Training Report, but guess what? Today’s the first of more to come – racing season is right around the corner here in Sunny Florida, and I’m off to a late start (as usual). I started off a little behind the gun because well, truth be known, I’ve been reading waaaaaaay too much. 


I will tell you this, though, the one thing that has gotten me up out of bed is the fact that a new to us, but 7 month old puppy has become our furever family member! Before we began entertaining the thought of a puppy, I started dreaming about whether or not I could ever be one of those runners that take their dog out on runs with them. I knew I wanted a Parson Russell – similar to a Jack Russell but not the same (Google it).  When I was able to find Blossom Valley Secret Agent Brodie and meet him in San Diego, California last month, I knew we were a match made in heaven. Even better, now that he’s home he has proven himself to be a great learner in obedience training, and we are now at the stage where he and I are able to get out and run together without too much correction.  Remember, though, he is only 8 months now.

So…. training report? Yep, I’m so pleased to report that Thursday we completed a little over 2 miles together, and then Saturday we ran a very solid 2 miles.  This morning, we got up and cranked out 2 steady miles before work.  Slowly and surely, I will add a little distance, and together I hope our future allows us to speed up a bit as well.  We are still having small “correction” episodes of stopping, sitting, and reminding “someone” who is supposed to be leading the way.

The problem with running here in Florida is the fact that it is usually 90+ degrees with 90+% humidity.  I was finding myself staying indoors and running on a treadmill while watching my favorite recorded soap opera.  Since I really don’t see myself (or Brodie) learning how to walk/run on the treadmill together, that means we have to get up extremely early and get out there while it’s still dark.  I don’t live in the city either – that means there aren’t always sidewalks to run on and it’s not always safe.  Lucky for me, not too long ago I was contacted by a company called 4id Glow Products and they have basically been a lifesaver for me and Brodie.

They make several different products to meet everyone’s needs too.  For me and Brodie, we use the SlapWrap on Brodie’s collar because it’s very easy to put on – just like you think – you slap it on and it wraps! It is powered by high intensity LED lights and provides a secure fit. We got the blue one and he looks extra adorable with it.  You can also use it on your wrist and I’m sure lots of other ways too! It displays solid, a slow blink and a flickering blink so you can choose however you want it.


The other 4id product we use is the PowerSpurz.  It’s a lightweight heel spur that’s powered by high intensity LED lights.  It attaches very easily to the back of my shoe and guarantees visibility during our outdoor running. The company guarantees up to 100 hours of burn time on this heel spur light too. They come in some really cool colors too!


4id products has two other products that I haven’t personally used yet – the first  are the PowerLacez, which are light up shoelaces. They have four different settings – flash, slow flash, constant and off and can be easily adjusted by pushing the power button.  I have sent those off to my 5-year old grandson, because I know he’s going to love them!


The last product that I learned about from 4id products is the PowerArmz light up armband.  It’s light and adjustable and also powered by high intensity LED lights with a 100 hour burn guarantee. This also comes in a bunch of cool colors. 


So there’s a the training report, and the report on the really cool products being offered by 4id products.  You can head over to their website and pick up any of these products for yourself – you can’t go wrong being safe!

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