Tuesday’s Training Report and Other News….

Hey folks! Yes, it’s me…writing about training and not about reading or eating or whatever else I seem to talk about….. That in itself is great news! I think the last time I talked about running was when I reported on the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon that I ran back in May of this year!

After I fell at the Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon this year I kind of came home nursing my wound – literally – a severely sprained right wrist with torn ligaments – and stopped running for a while.  Once home in Florida, I couldn’t run outside without taking my pup (or I’d be a creep), and I couldn’t hold my pup with this on my wrist – well, that’s my excuse anyway.

I would also like to mention that it was right about this time that it was summer in Florida, which means it’s like running in a sauna, so the choice was easy to make.  I spent almost 3 months healing my wrist but at the end of June I was getting a little bored so I signed up for another boot camp!

I was pretty consistent and felt pretty strong lifting, pulling, pressing and pounding, and for a 56 year old woman, I AM fairly strong, but I found that I kept gaining weight. I finally figured it out – I was burning about 600 calories in a 45-minute session and then coming home and eating everything I could find while telling myself I “earned” it.  I was surely eating more calories than I was burning.  After about five weeks of that, I realized that I needed to arrest the problem if I was ever to run again.

On August 1, 2017, I made a firm resolve to make the changes I knew I needed to make.  We cleaned out our pantry of all “bad” choices, we filled the refrigerator with what we know is the right thing to eat.  I started a journal of what was going into my mouth every day, and I made a resolve to exercise every day – even if it was just walking for a half hour.. I’m even writing down my water intake and holding myself accountable while shooting for 100 ounces every day.  I realize that brushing my teeth with water every day doesn’t count for water intake for the day as was the case previously.

Today is August 22.  I have consistently watched my food intake for 21 days today.  (My usual history is 2 weeks and then I’m back to bad choices.)  I am down approximately 14 pounds and I’m on vacation visiting my parents.  I arrived in San Diego on Saturday and I went straight to Sam’s Club to stock up their refrigerator with what I know will keep me on the straight and narrow.  

So far, on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I walk/ran – nothing extravagant but two miles is two miles.  Oh, and California is NOT Florida – meaning it’s not “flat and fast” and I actually have hills to deal with.  I mean seriously, you can’t even run one block without a hill! It’s crazy.

I hope to be ready for Florida’s running season, which is right around the corner. I know that weighing less will help with my training. Thanks to the amazing folks at Elite Training and Fitness in Port Charlotte, Florida, I already feel stronger so I’m feeling pretty confident right now that I can be successful.

Stay tuned folks because I’m back! I’m signed up for some exciting races and I can’t wait to report on them.  And by the time the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Race Series comes around in May of 2018, I am claiming victory over it and I’ll make sure to NOT fall!! 

(now come on….could you leave for a run and NOT take this cute little guy?)

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