Week #5: Cleveland Half Marathon training #runCLE #clevemarathon

We are in week 5 of the 12 week training and due to an unexpected knee injury, I’m behind on the schedule. I’m not going to panic yet because I am thinking about all of my past runs and how I somehow get through them. (Thank you God!)


I had hoped that I’d do really well at the Cleveland Half Marathon this year, but given the stress that I put my body through last year doing 14 half marathons in 2014 without proper training following a near-fatal car accident, I’d say if I do better than I did last year, then I will be happy. I’m not going to start freaking out yet, I still have 50 whole days before the race, right? Gulp.


In last week’s training report I shared that I would be doing a half marathon, the Florida Beach Halfathon, on March 22. On the way to the race I was thinking about the fact that I wasn’t sure if my knee injury would withstand the mileage of a half marathon since I really wasn’t prepared to run it. I was afraid probably end up making the injury worse so at the last minute I switched from the half marathon down to the 5k race, and I’m really glad I did.  Not only was I able to improve my time for the shorter distance, I was also able to take care of my knee and boost my own emotional state at the same time. I really know I made a good choice that day.

I thought that by running the 5k instead of the half marathon, I would be able to run my shorter miles during the week and I was really excited about that.  I came to work on Monday at our new office and I was still feeling pretty good. I sat down in my office chair, started to pull the chair up towards my new (but very old) desk to get to work, and then I slammed my left injured knee so hard on the desk that I screamed out and saw stars. I couldn’t talk for a period of time and then when I could, I was crying. Once again, I went home, rested the knee, iced it, and elevated it, feeling like I was starting all over again with the healing process. Here’s a picture of my new desk – not sure how I didn’t make that clearance:


Obviously I wasn’t running Tuesday, and then Wednesday after work I had plans to visit a friend that is homebound due to illness. On Thursday evening I was supposed to go to Yoga with a couple of friends but both of them backed out, so instead of going to Yoga myself, I went ahead and ran a few miles.  Then on Saturday, I mowed my front yard with our push mower.  I fondly refer to mowing our yard as “cross training” because we have a huge hill in the front that requires pushing the mower up and down over and over.  I usually feel like I’ve been to the gym when I’m finished mowing. On Sunday, I got up and ran a short run before church to start the week out right.

The plans for this week’s training? I originally thought I’d run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with a long run on Saturday, but thanks to some co-workers who must have “sabatoge Debi” on their minds, I might be running every day this week!


Hope you have a SWEET week, and I’ll report again next week!

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