Winning Plays: Tackling Adversity and Achieving Success in Business and in Life by Matt Mayberry

Winning Plays: Tackling Adversity and Achieving Success in Business and in Life by Matt MayberryWinning Plays by Matt Mayberry
Published by Center Street on September 6th 2016
Genres: Business & Economics, General, Personal Growth, Personal Success, Self-Help
Pages: 288

No one goes undefeated when playing the game of life. Matt Mayberry is no exception. He’s faced setbacks beyond his control and lots more he created himself. But even after conquering addiction, realizing his lifelong dream to play in the NFL, and then having it taken away from him in an instant, he came from behind yet again to achieve more success than ever before.

Sometimes we are knocked down-and even out-by circumstances within or beyond our control. That’s life. But these moments can be opportunities to tap into inner strength and start over. By sharing how he treated failure as a way to start over, Matt is now a nationally sought-after speaker and success coach to audiences of more than 100,000 people per year for Fortune 500 companies, NFL and NBA teams, government and nonprofit groups, professional associations, and universities. In WINNING PLAYS, he presents his strategies to survive and thrive in the real world, no matter what gets thrown your way.

Just as no football team can be successful without a solid game plan, you can’t be successful without one either. This book is full of Matt’s inspirational, motivational, and prescriptive advice, such as: be authentic, create opportunities, power through adversity, reaffirm your goals, rebuild, and many other strategies for developing your own personal game plan to succeed in business and in life.

Today’s book is one of those books I ordinarily wouldn’t have come across in my regular reading groups.  Winning Plays: Tackling Adversity and Achieving Success in Business and in Life by Matt Mayberry proved to be a great book to read and I’m glad I had the opportunity.

As a former addict and alcoholic I found this book to be very informative and helpful. Mr. Mayberry leads the book with his own biography and then goes into principles in each chapter.. He does a great job breaking up the story with tips simple action steps you can take on immediately as you’re reading the book.

Mayberry shares his honest life story – the ups and downs, and his personal thoughts. He provides insight on how to overcome negatives in life and how to be humble with successes. His mindset shows that the more you fail, the more tools you are provided with in order to succeed in life. Mayberry shares his “real world” experiences in order to provide readers with a clear path to find the “wins” in life, both professionally and personally. He provides readers with the tools so learn how to set goals, and to establish character and values and how to win, each and every day.

This book will teach you how to live life to the fullest and fill you with hope.  It is well written and easy to understand and Mayberry’s humanity makes the book very relatable. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to better themselves. It would also make a great gift to others.

MATT MAYBERRY is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker and performance strategist. A former Indiana University and Chicago Bears linebacker, Matt is one of the most widely-read columnists for, where he writes on peak performance, overcoming adversity, leadership, and motivation.

Matt’s work has been featured on ESPN, Forbes, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, Fox Business, Fox News, Business Insider, and MSN Lifestyle. As the CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises, he helps individuals and organizations all over the world to maximize their potential to achieve breakthrough performance.

I received a complimentary trade book copy of this book from Hachette Book Group in exchange for my honest review.  Thanks Hachette!

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