Zensah Firm and Fit Compression Capris Review

As a runner, I’ve heard of Zensah for quite some time – I’ve known them as a company that makes a good compression calf sleeve. I know I have a pair in my running bin. Not too long ago I was contacted by Zensah asking if I had any interest in reviewing their Women’s Firm and Fit Compression Capris. I was definitely interested since I’ve been having some knee issues for quite some time and I thought the compression might help.

While I’m sure Zensah would appreciate me adding photos of the capris actually on my body, that is not happening.  Much too form fitting for my modest self. I will describe the fit and you will have to use your imagination here.  (Sorry Zensah.)


So, first I’m going to talk about how they fit – I received a Large and I would have preferred an Extra Large. I’ll admit these capris went on against their will, and a lot of work was involved in getting them properly on my body, but I know that’s because they were just too small for me. They did come up pretty high, which was nice because they went above my stomach instead of falling underneath it.

And speaking of falling underneath my stomach….. I can’t tell you how many running shorts, capris and pants creep down while I’m running and go underneath my stomach rolls. It makes me crazy in a very bad way, and I’m usually tugging them up while I’m running. Worse yet, I”ll get that web feeling in my crotch because they’re falling down. It’s horrible. So I’m very, very, very pleased to say these Women’s Zensah Firm and Fit Compression Capris stayed up where they were supposed to each time I wore them out for runs, the longest of which was a 10K. They didn’t creep down, I didn’t have to hoist them over my stomach or pull them up by the thighs to remove a web feeling. YAY! I was able to get very good stomach coverage thanks to the fold over waistband of these capris, and I appreciate that.

I loved the way the compression itself felt as well. They provided nice support without feeling so tight I couldn’t breathe. I’ve worn some compression capris that were crazy tight so I was glad these were not. These Zensah Firm and Fit capris offer advanced compression and support and help provide flattering shaping using warp knit technology. They have strategically placed mesh panels to help provide ventilation and keep legs at a perfect temperature.


The Zensah Women’s Firm and Fit Compression Capris are moisture wicking, keeping them light and dry. They also feature anti-odor fabric that prevents the buildup of bacteria and odor. A seamless design prevents chafing and ensures superior comfort. In addition to wearing these compression capris for running, they would be great for other workouts and even for muscle recovery after workouts.

Probably the best thing about these capris was the way they felt – kind of like cotton but not cotton. They are medium weight and very comfortable. They do keep you warm so they’re great for winter runs too. I will confess that I’ve packed them up for my next Cleveland, Ohio trip or when it gets cooler here in Florida in the fall, since they are a little too warm for a run right now. These Zensah Firm and Fit compression capris will definitely become my go-to winter gear this winter since they perform well, fit comfortably and keep my legs warm. If I need full leg compression I just add compression calf sleeves. IMG_1028

If you want to grab a pair of these compression capris for yourself, head over to Amazon and pick up a pair HERE! You’ll love them!

I received this product without cost in exchange for this, my honest and unbiased review.

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